Whenever you don’t feel well, is popping pills the first thing that you do? Of course, certain tablets and capsules have healing effects; but did you know that synthetic drugs have adverse effects, too? For that reason, why don’t you opt for natural remedies, such as using essential oils?

These oils, which are extracted from different plants, are used in different traditional medicine practices. This is for the reason that essential oils have many health benefits. They can be used to treat certain types of diseases. In fact, essential oils may be used to treat anxiety, asthma, bronchitis, headaches, stress, and so forth. There are many varieties of essential oils-over 90 to be exact. Each of these essential oils has different health benefits. Sounds promising, don’t they?

Let us dig deeper into the different essential oils as well as their healing properties, especially in relation to anxiety, headache, and stress:

Enhances mood

Aids in better digestion

Improves alertness

Relieves muscle aches and pains

Reduces stress

Treats anxiety, depression, fatigue, and indigestion

Helps ease depression

Regulates blood sugar levels

Inhibits certain types of infections

Relieves pain

Improves digestion

Downgrades fever

Eases spasms

An effective anti-depressant (promotes a feeling of energy and joyfulness)

An effective anti-oxidant

Has antibiotic properties

Helps prevent and get rid of infections

Helps patients combat depression (reduces the feeling of sadness and stimulates the feeling of being happy and energetic)

Calms anger and causes good mood

Reduces the severity of headaches as well as other types of pain

Fights against depression

Boosts self-confidence, optimism, as well as psychological and emotional strength

Reduces anxiety

Useful tip: Been feeling depressed? Try clary sage essential oil. With the use of an essential oil diffuser, add 3 drops of this promising essential into your bath to get an instant uplifting of mood.

An effective stimulant (increases the blood circulation in the brain)

Reduces mental exhaustion

Revitalizes the mood

Increases brain function

Improves mental alertness

Relieves stress

Relaxes the blood vessels

Relieves anxiety and stress

Eases nervous tension

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